Setting Up Your Blessed Bath Products Fundraiser 

1.Planning your fundraiser:  Get things started by planning the purpose of your fundraiser, your financial goals, sales expectations, and the time frame of your fundraiser.  We have a Spring/Summer line of products from February 18-August 22, and a Fall/Winter line of products from August 23-February 17.  We welcome you to join us for both! 

2Decide on your start date:  You choose the start date of your fundraiser.  Timing is everything – Try to schedule your fundraiser so it doesn’t compete with other events in the area.  You will receive your fundraiser packet on that date.  You will have two full weeks from the chosen date to complete all sales, and have your master list and payment turned in.  We will allow seven days only for any late orders, and payment.   You can expect your items to be shipped within two weeks after your end date.  Think about any upcoming holidays that you can incorporate into your fundraiser, holidays that you may want to receive your order by so it can be given as a gift, such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, or Christmas.  We recommend choosing a date within 30 days of when you want the products.  

3.Register for a fundraiser:  Fill out the online registration form at 

a.Your registration for will include contact information, expected number of sales representatives, and a start date for your fundraiser. 

b.If you are having difficulty registering, please give us a call.  Please make sure your registration form is filled out completely so that we can get all information needed before the fundraiser begins.   

4.Starting your fundraiser:  After Blessed Bath Products receives the necessary information and approves the dates of your fundraiser, we will mail the Instructional Packet, Order Forms, Customer Sales Brochures.   

5.Conducting the fundraiser:  Each participating member should receive 2 to 3 fundraising order forms and a Customer sales Brochures to track individual sales.  At the end of the fundraiser, the coordinator will enter the sales into the Master Sales Online database showing the name of each participant, the number of each product ordered, and their total sales.  This can be printed for easier tracking. 

6.Processing order:  Your fundraiser coordinator will submit the Master List online, or through email.  Your group must allow at least two weeks for delivery of the products.  Products will be shipped after payment has been received.  We will only accept one credit card payment from the organization, and one late payment if necessary (only within seven days of the two-week fundraising deadline.)