What is Blessed Bath Products?  In a nutshell, we raise goats and milk them on a small farm right here in Arkansas.  Then, we use the milk to make soaps and lotions by mixing the milk with only the finest quality oils and butters.  

From the beginning, we have dedicated our business to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We put our business in His hands, and began selling our soaps and lotions at craft fairs and mall venues.  We prayed a lot…for guidance, job satisfaction, to be a blessing for other people, and for God to take control of our lives and direct us however He saw fit.  And we just kept plugging along.  Have you ever had the experience of not knowing where God is taking you until you get there?  You don’t even know you’re on a trip!  Originally, I planned to sell our products wholesale, to retail stores.  But God had a plan for us to direct our sales towards church fundraising.  In His infinite wisdom, he has allowed our business to become enjoyable, profitable, and be a blessing to other people.  It’s a win-win situation as He has blessed us both!!